Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep(Video Summary)

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep(Video Summary)

Post by Sora The Key to Light on Fri Jan 04, 2008 4:22 pm

Hey Everyone,

Following up on our earlier Jump Festa 2008 story (scroll down), we now can provide you a detailed analysis & transcript of the new Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Video that is being screened at the event.

"Sleep gives birth to the concealed fate of the past."

Conversation between Ven and Terra in Destiny Islands
Terra: "Wasn't there a time when you was saving me?"
Ven: "Back then it was probably because we were friends."
Terra moves his hand to rests it on Ven's shoulders.
Terra: "Thank you, Ven."

Scene changes to Terra and Master Xehanort in the Place of Gathering
M. Xehanort: Did you believe about reaching forward to grasp that last glimmer? The wall of light and darkness exceeded each other, creating the original me, and Terra waited for me impatiently." (While M. Xehanort is talking he opens one of his hands in a greeting fashion, enraging Terra.)
Terra: "I have a ‘Friend’.. What you have done has given me hatred to Xehanort."
Terra then summons his keyblade

We then see Ven meeting Xehanort in Olympus Coliseum.
Ven: "Who a-...I've met you before. (Ven is surprised as he is remembering something.)
Xehanort: "It seems you have lost something. However unless what you have lost is put back into your hands, it will be an eternal lost. Once you obtain it, grip it and understand the truth."
Xehanort is soon holding his hand out, as it begins to glow, Ven is watching with an expression of fear and confusion.

Video now shows a montage of gameplay featuring both Terra & Ven as playable characters

Scene cuts to Yensid's Tower
Mickey is shown defending himself with the keyblade. However soon he begins to fumble with the keyblade and it vanishes. Goofy, Donald, and Yensid watch Mickey. Mickey soon looks back up to the Wizard, and summons his Keyblade once again.

Fade to Sleeping Beauty world
Maleficent is looking around the castle where vines are everywhere. Then, a crow lands on Maleficent shoulder and she turns towards Terra. Terra looks at Maleficent, as she begins to laugh doubtfully.

Video switches back to the Place of Gathering
Ven is facing off against the Dark Soldier, and knocks off his helmet, however his face is not shown. The scene soon switches to Terra holding an unconscious Ven, with Master Xehanort looking desperate, and apologetic.

Xehanort: "The person who has wrapped himself in the darkness does not have the qualification to wield a keyblade. He is a demon who has been taken by the darkness. Please correct my mistake..."

Video Ending
Ven is on the Destiny Islands coast looking towards a young Sora & Riku who are playing at the beach. At the same time Ven is at Twilight Town watching the Coast. He is looking down, and appears to be sad.
"I don't want to be depended on, you are my 'Friend' ..just erase me."

Apologies for the translation, it's a little rough in parts. Either way, it's good to get a nice insight into this game currently marked as a 'Work in Progress'. If you didn't know already, both KH: 358/2 Days & KH: Coded are set for a Summer 2008 release.

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Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep(Video Summary)

Post by Sora on Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:17 pm

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