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Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Scene Translations

Post by Sora The Key to Light on Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:00 pm

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Scene Translation

Sora Cut scenes


Marulxia: Ahead lies something you hold dear- but to Claim it, you must lose something first

Floor One Landing

Goofy: You sure we should just barge in like this?

Donald: We have to if we're gonna find hte king...

Goofy: The king?! King Mickey's here?

Donald: Maybe, maybe not. something told me he'd be here, that's all.

Goofy: Now That you Mention it, I was thinkin' the same thing.

Sora: Are you serious? So was I! One look at this castle, and I just knew: They're here

Goofy: Great minds think alike I guess.

Jiminy: Guess again! This can't be mere Coincidence.

Donald: Why Jiminy? Don't tell me that-

Jiminy: Yeah! I'm feeling the same thing!

Goofy: Gawrsh, Maybe it's contagious.

Donald: Or maybe something funny's going on! I think we should check it out.

Sora: Okay

Donald: Hey, where are you going?

Sora: To check it out! What's the matter, scared?

Donald: D-Don't be ridiculous! Come on, Goofy!

Goofy: Okay, but we should shut the door behind us. Sora!

Sora: Who is THAT?!

Donald: It must be a Heartless! Let's see how it handles my magic! THUDER! Huh? THUNDER! THUNDER! Umm...BLIZZARD! FIRE! Why isn't my magic working?

Marulxia: I should think it obvious. The moment you set foot in this castle, you forgot every spell and ability you knew. In this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find. That is the way of things in Castle Oblivion.

Sora: Castle Oblivion?

Marulixia: Here you will meet people you know. People you miss.

Sora: Look, there's no one- Riku! You mean Riku! he IS here!

Marluxia: Do you want to find him? If you do...

Sora: What did you do?

Marluxia: I Sampled your memories. And from them, I made this. This is the key to reuniting with those you hold dear.

Sora: what is this, a card?

Marluxia: A Promise, Use that card and press on. The card will open the door to a new world. Go, Sora. To Lose and Claim anew, or to claim anew only to lose...

Sora: C'mon guys- let's go

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