New Pictures, New Interview of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

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New Pictures, New Interview of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Post by Sora The Key to Light on Fri Jan 04, 2008 4:06 pm

This is the final Interview, that Famitsu put up, featuring Tetsuya Nomura (Director of Kingdom Hearts), Yasushi Kurosaw (Battle planner of FFXI) and Yoichi Yoshimoto (Director of Brave Fencer Musashi)

Interview: Development from Kingdom Hearts re Chain of Memories, therefore the team in Osaka is handling the game as well.

Nomura: Development started earlier, however due to re:COM needed to be improved a lot, the production of BBs was interupted.

Interviewer: Then we can consider it possible that the secret movie of KH2FM+ will play an important role in BBS?

Nomura: Yes

Interviewer: So does this take place before the first Kingdom Hearts game?

Nomura: Yes, however it doesn' start immediately before Kingdom Hearts.

Interviewer: Is there a representatoin to the name of Terra, and the other characters?

Nomura: In the origin of the names Earth is Terra, as Wind is Ven. However the real name of Ven is loner, this is just an alias.

Interviewer: The figure and age of the old man who is called Master Xehanort, is different from the Xehanort of Kingdom Hearts II. Also what is the relationship with the person who looks just like Roxas?

Nomura: There is a mystery to who each character is in the story, which I can not reveal right now.

Interviewer: Is the master who taught the three from the current series?

Nomura: I can't say.

Interviewer: The story will advance around these three people?

Nomura: Yes, it is also pretty complex in this game, and can become very series. Watanabe who took chare of the scenarios is skillfull in this. Also he is supervising some of the scenarios of the other two titles. This game will also be a bit challenging since the game will be featuring the aspect of three people.

Interviewer:There will be an individual story for each of them?

Yasushi: Yes, also the gameplay and feeling for each of their playthroughs will be different. It will feel as if three games were made.

Interviewer: In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories there was a chapter of Sora, and a chapter of Riku. Would you call these two scenarios?

Yasushi: Yes, however in this case completing one story will create more mysteries for the other characters, making you wanting to play them to figure out the mysteries.

Interviewer: Like zapping?

Yasushi: Well it depends, in a way the game wouldn't be the same if we changed it's contents.

Yoshimoto: It's not really easy to explain right now, please wait a bit more in the future. (Laughs)

Interviewer: How about the composition of the worlds? Where do you beigin, and does it become an adventure where you go into Disney Worlds?

Yasushi: I think that it will be better to keep a normal feeling of Disney Worlds, but also have new worlds as well. Of course there will also be two or more new worlds where you are surprised.

Interviewer: How much will they enjoy the games?

Nomura: Mainly the story will be their enjoyment, and because this game will take place in the past the Disney Worlds will also have a little timeshift as well.

Interviewer: When the battle images were shown to the public, there was a new enemy that wasn't a heartless or a nobody, what is it?

Nomura: It is neither, a Heartless or a Nobody, this is a new type of enemy. Because the existence of these creatures came before Heartless and Nobodies a starting point needs to be imaged, and it became a wild concept to them.

Yasushi: Basically it becomes wild. However, its moves are fast!

Interviewer: What will the battle system become? As well as the "Lingering Spirit" and the character in the Secret Movie.

Yasushi:That was done as a hint, because it is an image to the end. Also this game will be introducing a new system!

Nomura: It might be one of the most current games of the series that have been announced during this time. Also the Level system features a new idea that has not been seen before.

Yasushi: "When you absorb it in what?" (Laughs) It is considered as a Novel, and an impact to the leveling system. (He seemed to have been quoting something, could it be a hint?)

Yoshimoto: It is really interesting actually, however I think you'll be able to understand it more if youo saw it from a screen image, so please wait a while longer.

Nomura: This growth system was made, by one person.

Interviewer: Can you give a hint?

Yasushi: .....The level up is like growing.

Interviewer: Is it possible where people can play by bringing PSP's together?

Yoshimoto: Well, we are thinking by a co-operation between people, or even competing against each other. We are trying to think of an element that could make use of the PSP fully.

Nomura: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has a different concept, and multiplayer is also complete, and different.

Interviewer: Though there seems to be a variety in the beginning of the story. The game system also seems to have more content to make it enjoyable.

Yoshimoto: Well, the idea first came out really fast, and changed rapidly as well. It was interesting to see the traditional gameplay of Kingdom hearts, but at the same time the hardship of the gameplay as well.

Nomura: This is a game which the variety can play, even if all the mysteries in the story were solved.

Yasushi: From here on after, the game is just going to get better. The battle system will also be enjoyable. The feeling of the game will be as close to Kingdom Hearts as possible, but with a few twists.

Yoshimoto: Also even tohugh the game will be more serious, it will please those that are a fan of Disney. The worlds are prepared with a surprise even though the story is serious. I think the mixture of disney with this will be interesting.

Interviewer: By the way, this game was announced at the same time as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts Coded. Were you anxious?

Yasushi: We were very anxious about everything, the system and the story. I thought it was considerate through the PV that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show.

Nomura: This game will have to wait sadly, however we also need to think about the sales in the end.

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Re: New Pictures, New Interview of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Post by Sora on Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:21 pm

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