Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Updated New Info

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Updated New Info

Post by Sora The Key to Light on Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:16 pm

Hey everyone, though there's still no new scans yet, there are definitely some small bits of new information on what we can expect in Kingdom Hearts. Here's a brief summary of the interview.

- The scenes in KH2FM+ featuring Roxas and Axel have now been done in full work detail.
- Roxas will be having a few different forms, such as Sora did when entering Disney Worlds.
- The story of the game will not be entirely understandable for those that do not have the game, however they won't enjoy it as much.
- Other characters will be appearing there as well, including various Disney Characters.
- However most of the conversations in this game will be revolving around Roxas.
- Those who played Kingdom Hearts II should understand the story even more, and may even understand why this game was put onto the DS.
- The 14th Member is a female who has influenced Roxas in his future actions, however she is too much of an important character in the story to talk about.
- In the event scenes, there will be a little movie, there also may be an opening movie to the game.
- The voice is becoming a issue with capacity but I am trying to find various ways to compress it into the game.
- During this we are re-doing the cutscenes of 358/2 Days as well, this is because on the DS there is a weak design to the data and for every update to the hardware we push 358/2 Days further.
- Even though we have a low capacity problem Nintendo has made it far, even their Rom capacity is going up!....Slowly (laughs)
- The order of Single Player to summarize it up is "Go to mission, Clear Mission, Return to HQ, Prepare for next mission, go to next mission." There are also small mini events you can do such as after beating a mission join Axel for some Sea Salt Icecream.
- Missions that are beaten in Single Player can be played in Multiplayer mode.


Functions and Restrictions of KH on the DS
- There were many thoughts about making the game, before moving it to the DS.
- One of the thoughts was the capacity of the game, while the other one focused more on.
- The second thought was more on the use of the double screen, and the touchpen.
- When the story of the game was told, everyone was really interested in it, and wanted to work on it right away and deserved special production.
- The main problem of putting it onto the DS was the fact that the polygons of the characters dropped, although we tried our best to keep the cutscenes at least to the feel of the KH series. We are currently trying to fix the polygons for the gameplay to make it as smooth as possible.
- A chat option is added into the multiplayer mode, allowing other players to chat with each other.

Button Operations
- Nomura believes that the KH series feel of combat has kept that feel in 358/2 Days.
- He still will not utilize the touchpen in terms of gameplay.
- The buttons in the demo at JF have been re-arranged.
- Because this time the game will not be able to use an analog stick it doesn't really fill like the main stream of the KH series to begin with, although we are aiming to get the best feel we can give for a KH game.
- The only complaints about the game given was the having to use the cross pad buttons instead of the Analog stick.
- We adjusted it though, and added a bit of connection between speed, combo and other actions during gameplay.
- The LM gauge is used as co-operation techniques as well as very dangerously powerful attacks.
- The Organization members in 358/2 Days in Multiplayer Mode will have moves from the original KH2, however due to restrictions we might not be able to have all their moves in there.
- Originally the chairs moved up or down when failing or succeeding a mission, we might change that a bit.


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