Jump Festa 2008 - First Details on KH: 358/2 Days Demo &

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Jump Festa 2008 - First Details on KH: 358/2 Days Demo &

Post by Sora The Key to Light on Fri Jan 04, 2008 5:20 pm

Hey Everyone,

Jump Festa 2008 has officially kicked off and the first bits of information regarding the presence of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep & Coded have trickled in.

Playable Demo Report
• Roxas, Axel, Xigbar or Saix are all playable in a Twilight Town based mission
• Each playable character differs, Axel can use his fire attacks etc.
• Enemies in the demo included Small Wizards, Shadows & a Fat Body.
• After exploring the stage, you have to defeat a familiar boss, a Dark Side.
• Upon mission completion, the user can view statistics on how they did.
• Game has a planned release date of Q2/Summer 2008

Each forthcoming game also has a new Video being screened behind closed doors at the event. Firstly, the 358/2 Days Video features the still-secret Organization member, XIII, helping Roxas & Axel after being surpised by Heartless. Also, King Mickey (in Organization attire) is shown looking towards the Twilight Town forest. Lastly, there is brief scene of Roxas with Aladdin & Jasmine in Agrabah.

During the Birth by Sleep footage is noted that combat scenes with Terra are shown alongside a scene with Ven conversing with Aladdin (of Agrabah). Regarding the KH: Coded Video, there are a few quick glimpses of Kairi & Riku alongside a mysterious annoucement of something called "High Speed" mode.

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