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Video Summeries

Post by Sora The Key to Light on Fri Jan 04, 2008 4:30 pm


"Sleep is the distant past to produce hidden destiny"

Terra and Ven converse with each other
Terra: "Sometime before, didn't you save me?"
Ven: "After what we've been through, we're friends, so..."
Terra grins at Ven and places a hand on Ven's shoulder.
Terra "Thank you, Ven"

Scene changes to the Place of Gathering (KH2:FM+ Secret Movie)
Xehanort: Did you really think you could grasp that last glimmer? The wall between the light and the darkness have exceeded one another, creating the original me, and here you are waiting for me. (While Xehanort is talking, he opens one of his hands in greeting, enraging Terra.)
Terra: I have a friend.
Terra summons the keyblade with his right hand.

Ven meets Xehanort in the Olympus Coliseum
Ven: "Who...? I've met you before..."
Ven is surprised.
Xehanort: It seems you have lost something. However, unless what you have lost is put back into your hands, it will be gone forever. Once you obtain it, hold on to it and understand the truth!
The old man's hands begin to glow, while Ven looks at him with fear and confusion.
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Re: Video Summeries

Post by Sora on Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:21 pm

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